How It Works
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Stress causes the body to break down. Learn how to release it.
Stress is caused by unresolved uncertainty. Our 'fear brake' (explained below)
​activates to halt or slow progress until certainty can be restored. If a decision
​is made based on outcome, stress will only be gone if the outcome is positive
​or until the next outcome decision. If a decision is made by establishing duty
​and honor (explained below)  the stress is eliminated by commitment and the 'fear brake' is
​released and effectiveness returns.

Outcome based decision making creates an endless chain of stressful situations because outcome can not ultimately be controlled. Duty and honor based decision making will create calmness because duty and honor is within our control. What you want to get is not within your control. What you want to give is within your control. So again, stress is caused by unresolved uncertainty.

​​We begin each seminar by handing out a rubber stress ball in the form of a brain. ​The audience will be asked to squeeze the ball and hold it. Dr. Winchester will then explain how the human body deals with stress. Our body is designed to take a great deal of stress for a short period of time, but unreleased stress causes the body to break down. He will demonstrate how you can squeeze the ball for short periods indefinitely if you take the time to release the ball and allow your hand to relax. He will conclude by making it very clear how unreleased stress is the killer not stress itself.

Next, Mr. Slater will engage the audience in an exercise called “Walking the plank," to teach everyone about their 'fear break.' This entails asking the audience a series of questions to find their limits. For example: “If the plank was now fifty feet in the air would you cross?” If they say no, then money will be used as an incentive. This is done several times, raising the plank while increasing the amount of money until the money is not worth the risk of crossing. Then the example is used, “What if it were to save your child?” The commitment to save that child would release your 'fear break' mentioned earlier. Mr. Krohn will then use examples of his football experience to show the difference in his performance with the 'fear brake' on and the 'fear brake' off. The 'fear brake' will be discussed in detail and how it is commitment that releases it. We will explain and teach that stress comes from operating with the 'fear brake' on and how to release it.

The last element we will be finishing with is duty and honor. This is how commitment is created and in turn releases the 'fear break'. Duty and honor will be defined as a clear understanding of your responsibility in a situation so you can let go to the possible outcomes that are not in your control. Each of us will give example in our own lives.

The audience will come away with a clear understanding of what creates stress and what it takes to move past it.